drawing of a cat

i am cat

you can be cat too. listen...

Step 1

step one

Start with a circle. Unless you're weird you're not gonna draw it perfectly the first time. Mine is a bit scribbly because I drew over my initial circle a few times until it looked right. Make sure there's room underneath for the body later.

TOP TIP: Draw lightly. This allows you to erase not just mistakes, but construction lines, which you'll be doing next...

Step 2

step two

Draw a line down the middle of the circle and keep going beyond the circumference, as you'll be needing it to help you draw the body. Also draw a horizontal line roughly halfway across the face.

After that, draw an egg. Try and make the top of the egg overlap the head slightly, and keep the line you just drew centered in the middle.

Step 3

step three

Look at a picture of a cat's face. Study its mouth, nose and eyes. I've tried to simplify them here. Use the construction lines to help you be symmetrical, although it doesn't have to be perfect. True symmetry is unnatural! You can erase the overlapping egg to help you see what you're drawing.

Step 4

step four

This part is tricky and you'll probably feel more comfortable approaching it your own way. Buuuuuuuut... try to align the fluffy cheeks with the nose and mouth, then curve the shape of the head inside the circle, before coming up to the ears.

A lot of this circle will be erased so don't feel like you have to make everything work with the circle, it's mostly there to help the cat keep its form.

Step 5

step five

Erase parts of the circle and construction lines you no longer need. I hope you drew them lightly! Erase the bottom part of the circle and draw your own chin for kitty.

Step 6

step six

Erase the lower portion of the egg and draw the bottom half of a smaller egg inside. These will be the legs. Lightly draw three little circles stacked over each other, on each side of the cat. They will be the toes.

Step 7

step seven

Erase the top half of the long construction line, and draw a small curve for the cat's chest. Clean up the toes by erasing the leg line that goes through the toes. Join up the middle toes to the middle line, so the paws are connected to the legs.

PRO TIP: Erase parts of the toe circles so they look like they're joined with the legs.

Step 8

step eight

Back legs! Since the cat is sitting, you'll need to draw two lovely curves jutting out on both sides. When drawing the paws this time, make them smaller, and sitting slightly above the front paws. Perspective!

Step 9

step nine

And now draw the rest of the cat. Do what you like with the tail, make the eyes look anywhere, do some nice swishes for the whiskers... and we're done!

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